Wednesday, 29 June 2011

San Diego June 26 - 28th

Sunday we  spent the day at Cabrillo Point. Lots to see and do there. Great views of San Diego and the naval base. The Military is very big in this city. We toured a historic lighthouse, checked out some tidal pools and then had a picnic lunch overlooking the ocean.
 The hillsides on both sides of the road were filled with thousands of headstones for naval personnel lost in various battles. Fort Rosecrans Cemetery

Dee and Wayne Johnson(NAMGAR members that Steve met on line) invited us to use their garage facilities, and for a home cooked dinner. The guys did a couple of minor things to the cars, and are so jealous of his setup. 5 bays with a pit and all the tools anyone could wish for.

On Monday Linde got her tooth filled after losing her filling on Saturday.Then we met Dee and Wayne in Old Town, where we caught the hop on hop off trolley for a tour of San Diego highlights. A special part of the ride was going over the Coronado Bridge to the peninsula, where we walked around the Hotel Del Coronado. It was built over a hundred years ago and has welcomed many of the rich and famous.

 On Tuesday, we were much surprised to find that the Sea World in San Diego, is not just an aquarium. It is a Disney type theme park that requires a full day to see everything and costs $70 per person. Dolphin, whale, Orca, and seal shows as well as turtle, shark, and penquin encounters. There were also theme rides, restaurants and gift shops. A circular glass rotating elevator took us up a 300 ft. tower for a wonderful view of the bay, harbour and city.Then the Bayside Skyride took us out over a small bay for another view of the city. The highlight ride for Sheila and Richard was the roller coaster that included a dunk in the river and an elevator that lifted the whole car to some thrilling harpin curves and another splashing end. After a very long but great day, we all dragged ourselves home with sore feet and aching backs. Oh, the several aquariums are really spectacular!