Saturday, 9 July 2011

July 8th Happy One Month Anniversary

Today is a marathon day! Most miles in one day on this trip - 314, plus we had breakfast in Marathon TX. at a cute little diner. We also reached the 4000 mile mark of our trip. The views are much the same as the last two days, brush, desert, and bare blue mountains in the distance. We saw a few cattle, a couple of deer, and one buffalo. We also saw a few horses, especially one beautiful grey stallion that ran along the highway.

Who cares, my bathing suit is in the trunk
  Near Del Rio TX, we crossed the Pecos River which joins the Rio Grande very near here. Then we crossed a second bridge over the Amistad Reservoir. Just over the bridge was a beach on the bank and Linde and Sheila could not resist a swim.

Happy Monthiversay!
Trip Highlights so far:
Steve - winding roads, beautiful views, Cliff dwellings
Richard - the whole adventure
Linde - Sea World, Tombstone, Swim in Pecos River
Sheila - Spectacular views; Interesting and humerous tidbits we pick up every day about people, history, biology, geology, plants, etc; roller coaster ride at Seaworld